Vizocom launches of New Website for Satellite Services

October 01, 2014 - Dubai, UAE

Vizocom, a leading global IT and Communications Company, today announced the launch of its new alternative website for its growing Satellite Services Business. The new website, is dedicated to various enterprises such and Oil and Gas, defense and security, governmental agencies and NGOs as well as mining industries. The purpose of the new website is to provide an easy, user-friendly access to potential clients. The website is developed for industries with an intensive need for superior, robust, mission-critical satellite communications solutions operating in remote, harsh areas across the world.

The launch of the website is an aggressive effort by Vizocom to better position itself in the Satellite Communications market and gain a higher market share by sending a clear message to its client base of its two distinct IT and Satellite Services Divisions and provides better navigation to those interested in Vizocom’s satellite services and support ranging from mobile and portable satellite terminals to large scale satellite installations.

Vizocom’s dedicated Satellite Services website aims to attract numerous industries with the new website’s elaborate, in-depth content about products, services, and support. The company wants to provide a better understanding and knowledge about the offerings that they have. Vizocom is always eager to live up to its promise of being a leading provider globally with this groundbreaking venture which will strengthen relations to customers, potential clients and in the Satellite Communications industry.

With this undertaking, Vizocom expects to increase its client base, a wider presence in the market and the whole world. The company plans of seeking and building, strong professional connections and offering potential clients with smart, sophisticated VSAT technology. All products, solutions and services are geared towards bridging the communications divide in this technology-driven era. Vizocom’s venture through its new website guarantees a sense of assurance for both clients and the businesses resulting to a fruitful and ever-growing partnership and success.

About Vizocom

Vizocom is a leading Information and Communications Technology company with special focus and expertise on providing internet and VSAT services, IT and ELV infrastructure solutions and integration in remote regions throughout the world. Vizocom caters to Fortune 1000 companies with a focus on governments, NGOs, and security companies as well as the O&G, mining and construction markets. While Vizocom’s Satellite services are global, it focuses on the emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America.

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