Vizocom provides cost-effective, low-latency data transmission for worldwide tracking and resource management combined with high performing two-way voice communications for security handling. Using only the best products from our partners, Airbus and Inmarsat to accompany our tracking service, it is a guaranteed solution for every business need to keep track on shipping and logistics.

Solutions Overview

Vizocom’s robust global coverage partnered with Iridium for Iritrack, a real-time tracking and security system that delivers two-way data and voice communications in one single device. Iridium’s global and permanent satellite coverage and unmatched network quality and also features other tracking solutions such as BGAN M2M, a two-way IP data service designed to manage, monitor, control, and operate any remote device for your business operations, Worldtrack, a device specifically for tracking any type of transport basing on GSM and the Iridium Satellite for protection and localization of you mobile assets.


Vizocom’s Tracking solution has the following key benefits:

  • User Defined Tracking Anywhere In The World
  • Two-Way Communications Anywhere on The Planet
  • Automatic & Manual Alarm Systems for Immediate Assistance
  • Live Tracking, Asset Management, Geofencing, Security & Emergency System
  • Improvement of Security Services, Productivity and Profitability
  • Full Turn-Key Tracking Management Solution


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