Vizocom designs, develops and implements advanced telemedicine solutions that improve the patient experience, and facilitate anytime collaboration between doctors and hospitals. Using Vizocom’s Telemedicine solution, caregivers communicate with their patients and peers virtually anywhere at any time, leading to improved department meetings, knowledge sharing, medical training courses, project management and patient care.

Solutions Overview

Vizocom’s telemedicine solution allows clients easier access to communication. Developed to enable efficiency and coordination within the medical premises via network infrastructure, internal and external communication. Doctors and nurses can easily collaborate wherever they are in the vicinity, quickly transfer medical data with ease, and monitor patients, all through a secure virtual private network.


The advantages of our telemedicine solutions include:

  • Ability for doctors and hospitals to share knowledge resources via virtual private network
  • Can attend to patients immediately even without a physician present through VoIP
  • Keep everyone from patients to hospital staff informed
  • Surgeons direct live medical procedures from remote locations
  • Maximum relief and value with the expert monitoring


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