Internet over Satellite

Vizocom specializes in providing internet connectivity solutions through Ku-Band and C-Band satellite links. Vizocom has years of experience in providing VSAT network design, integration and services to clients in remote locations throughout the world. With special focus in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and South America, our Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT solutions have helped businesses and organizations to successfully accomplish their business goals and missions with field-proven, professional VSAT satellite technologies backed up with superior support services. We provide robust, secure and reliable platforms that provide cost-effective, professional, enterprise-wide connectivity for virtually any professional data, video or audio application.

Solutions Overview

Vizocom offers highly sophisticated satellite internet technologies:

  • High sophisticated satellite internet technologies: JanUX and Comtech for dedicated VSAT links and iDirect X3 for shared links
  • Prominent and reliable service providers: We select our partners with quality and service reliability as the prime consideration
  • Cost-effective and efficient: a goal we achieve without compromising quality
  • Unrivalled after-sales support: including direct local presence by live NOC and on-site support

Vizocom offers the following VSAT Solutions:

  • Dedicated VSAT Services: Vizocom's dedicated bandwidth solution on JanUX and Comtech Technology. Vizocom's Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT solution for professional connectivity with dedicated bandwidth is known as one of the most reliable VSAT services available in today's market.
  • Shared VSAT Services: Vizocom's solution for shared bandwidth is based on the iDirect broadband technology and services, for Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT shared services.


Vizocom’s Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT solutions offer many advantages:

  • Easy Implementation with the Antenna dish anywhere with a clear view of the sky and can be moved easily and quickly
  • Connectivity without any constraint with the availability of terrestrial lines for easy relocation and staying connected
  • Terrific signal quality and reliability anywhere in the world
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring by our dedicated team of engineers at our Network Operations Center
  • Easy recovery with our direct connection so problems with connectivity can be easily and immediately identified and fixed
  • Safe and Secure Network with unparalleled protection from unauthorized access
  • Flexible scalability whenever there is a needed to increase bandwidth for the Internet Speeds.


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