Internet over Fiber

Vizocom is a premium provider of internet services over fiber to major cities and oil fields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our fiber optic services offer greater reliability and security for business-critical connectivity. In most cases, reliable microwave bridges are used for last-mile connectivity

Solutions Overview

Vizocom’s internet connectivity via terrestrial fiber network provides fiber-to-the-premises in many regions in Iraq and Afghanistan. However as the expansion of the fiber network is limited, for most locations, a microwave link is used for the last mile connection.

Vizocom offers the following VSAT Solutions:

  • Fiber Cable: Vizocom uses the most current technologies to deliver fiber optic Internet services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We leverage our existing infrastructure and equipment to deliver high quality and highly reliable broadband services those businesses can depend on. By implementing a customized fiber optic internet solution from Vizocom, you can take advantage of your business’ full potential – utilizing the fastest and most reliable fiber optic broadband network available today.
  • Microwave: Vizocom uses Microwave Links as the last mile connection for areas wherein the fiber cable network is limited. Vizocom uses licensed wireless point to point equipment such as Motorola, Redline and Mikrotik which can achieve speeds up to 360 Mbps.


The highlights of our internet services over fiber in Iraq and Afghanistan are:

  • High Quality of Service (full-duplex dedicated service)
  • Unmatched availability of over 99% in challenging environments
  • 3 backup paths with automatic switch over for guaranteed full time internet connection
  • 24/7 helpdesk support and on-ground support teams
  • High level of security through actively monitored firewall system


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