One major reason why corporate customers select Vizocom is because it is one of few professional satellite service providers whose services go beyond just internet connectivity and as such can provide the full scope of ELV and ICT services to its clients such as large Oil & Gas, Mining, EPC, and MEP contractors. Vizocom is one stop shop and not only provides a wide range of managed data, voice, and video communications services to large businesses and corporations, we also designs and implements turnkey complete infrastructure for ICT, Access Control, PAGA, CCTV, CATV, and IPTV. With Vizocom’s Unique Account Management Concept, we engage with our customer to fully understand their needs in order to find the best fit. We find the most flexible and economical solution for our clients remote and mobile connectivity needs.

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Satellite Internet

Vizocom specializes in providing connectivity through internet over satellite solutions. Vizocom has been a leader in high-speed Internet for well over a decade, providing reliable internet services , VSAT network design and installation, and provides services to clients in remote locations outside terrestrial networks throughout the world.

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Internet over Fiber

Vizocom is a premium provider of internet services via terrestrial fiber network and microwave links for last mile connectivity.

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Voice over IP

Vizocom provides IP networking solutions for reliable communications without having to rely on Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by combining satellite technology with Voice over IP (VoIP). This allows us to provide end-users with very reliable and versatile VoIP-based telephony services to customers in remote locations.

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video conf

Voice and Video Conferencing

Vizocom’s voice and video conferencing solutions enable our customers to conduct business meetings with colleagues and clients globally, providing the means for remote training and distance learning between multiple locations around the world.

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Supply Chain Services

Vizocom supplies every equipment needs. We handle the sourcing, acquisition and procurement of equipment for our clients.

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Suggested Products

Shared VSAT Services

Vizocom only supports high-quality, business level, highly reliable shared VSAT solutions suitable for homes, ISPs, small and medium businesses and clients who require reliable internet connectivity for a relatively small group of users.

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Satellite broadband is the easy and reliable solution for homes and businesses out of reach of terrestrial networks.

Our new-generation tooway™ broadband service is a cost-effective and immediate response to users waiting to access the benefits of fast internet irrespective of their location.

Operated by Eutelsat Broadband on the EUTELSAT KA-SAT satellite, tooway™ can provide homes with an always-on service delivering speeds of up to 22 Mbps downstream and 6 Mbps upstream. Customer equipment comprises a small satellite dish (77 cm) and a modem, which is connected to a PC or Mac.

The tooway™ system can also be used for VoIP (Voice over IP) and IPTV. With a dual-feed (Ku-Ka) LNB, Direct-to-Home reception of television channels from adjacent broadcast satellites is also possible.

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IP Easy

IP Easy is a broadband internet solution for individuals and small businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Easy to install, and triple-play ready, IP Easy is the solution to fill the digital gap. With its flexibility, performance and competitively-priced terminals, IP Easy is also ideal for large network deployment such as for Scada, rural telephony, backhaul networking, etc.

With a 1m dish and a modem connected to a PC, users can connect to the internet irrespective of their location. Delivering downlink speeds of up to 10 Mbps, the service can be configured to support VoIP and satellite reception of TV channels in triple play mode. Point&Play self-installation also enables end-users to autonomously install the complete system with no specific qualification needed or expensive tooling.

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For more information about our Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) Solutions, feel free to contact our sales team or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll be happy to share with you more information about our services.

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