Occassional Broadcast Services

Occassional Broadcast Services

Vizocom understands the need for broadcasters who want occasional services for broadcasting of special events. We provide a speedy, direct ad-hoc booking of our transponders to better assist them in their special broadcasts. Be assured that you experience seamless connectivity through our vast VSAT coverage.

For broadcasters who require occasional service for broadcasting of special events, Vizocom provides quick and straightforward ad-hoc reservation of our transponders.

Our uplink, downlink and turnaround services are supported by our teleports strategically placed worldwide and enjoy seamless connectivity as we provide multiples points of presence throughout the globe.

Global events covered in HD and in 3D have dramatically increased recently. With our high-performance satellites, expect a boost of capacity that you critically need easily.

With Vizocom, you are guaranteed with:

  • Delivery of always-available capacity
  • Be Fast and Responsive
  • Ability to book capacity at a maximum of 90 days in advance


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