VSAT Backup

Internet over fiber is normally a good lower cost option for businesses when they are in a metropolitan area where fiber infrastructure is well established and maintained. But it may prove an incomplete and unreliable solution even in major cities when the infrastructure is essentially based on microwave last mile or unmaintained fiber optics cabling. Additionally, decisions by governments to limit or block internet services puts businesses and organizations at the mercy and often their mission critical business or operation is seriously impacted by such measures.

A few years back, we might have been able to do business without internet, but that is no longer valid. Today, Internet connectivity is a vital necessity for consumers and businesses alike, particularly in business continuity. We can no longer do business without a decent internet connection. It is very important for businesses to be connected, as missing out on real time vital information could lead to delays in decision-making and information sharing. It could also lead to missing crucial opportunities and decisions; which at times are critical to a company’s progress or its seamless operations. Think of an email from a new prospect or from an unhappy customer, or a supplier who is going to be late? Loss of business, credibility, and time is only the start of the damage.

Vizocom Solution:
In order to support our customers who are using internet over fiber and increase their connectivity rate to 99.7%, we recommend a VSAT backup solution. This solution has been adopted by many companies and organization who want their internet connectivity to continue even when the fiber is down for any reason. Many have opted this solution, after they were hit and lost their business due to not being prepared and some wisely decided to adopt this measure early and prepare before it happens. It is far less expensive to have a VSAT backup than to lose business in lieu of it. Having back up Internet can save you time and money by avoiding delays in operations, missing out on important meetings, and loss of crucial communication with managers and staff whether they are in the field or in the office. This guarantees continuity of business and ensures operational success across departments and branches of the company. What more, when all are down, those who are in business as usual mode, will take the lead over their competition.
One can never be too sure of what could happen, but you can always be sure that having a failsafe solution for your internet communication can always lead to success and a hassle-free working experience
With Vizocom’s VSAT Backup, you can rest assured that your connection will be up over 99.7% of the time. By utilizing our top of class service, your business will never be left in the dark and will be supported by our tested and proven system.
Vizocom’s global footprint allows us to serve our customers anywhere in the world while providing them with the local support 365/7/24.


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