Satellite IP

Satellite IP

Vizocom’s Satellite-IP converts voice, data and video from IP into Digital Video Broadcasting stream by our satellite teleports located strategically worldwide.

Vizocom provides Internet connectivity to almost any location in the world imaginable. Our Satellite IP enables video streaming, satellite broadband, seamless file transfers, and digital content distribution. With our Satellite IP, broadcasters and media companies acquire the capability of managing and delivering content and multimedia applications to viewers anywhere in the world even in remote locations.

Our satellite IP is the ideal solution for enterprises, and businesses operating in far-flung locations without the reach or existence of a terrestrial network.

Vizocom’s Satellite IP features:

  • Varying connectivity options such as connecting to the Internet or your private network according to your needs, minimizing costs and increase productivity and profit.
  • 99.5 per cent availability, boosting efficiency and minimising downtime.
  • Customizable and flexible peak speeds and bandwidth options to optimize your service and prevent unwanted expenditures.
  • Unhampered usage when it comes to changing speeds through remote management, avoiding changes on remote site locations.
  • Expert support for other necessary applications such as VoIP by our expert engineers

Vizocom satellite IP provides:

  • Operation capabilities almost anywhere in the world, cutting off dependence from terrestrial networks.
  • Optimal connection of remote site to your company’s IP network.
  • A rapid increase in productivity for employees in remote location, greatly increasing profit and decreasing unwanted costs
  • Increased drive in customer loyalty through great productivity and focus


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