Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul

At this age of wireless technology, demands are increasing due to the amount of people dependent on wireless communication as the basis for connection. Vizocom brings you cellular backhaul solutions in hard to reach locations and temporary sites to empower your business towards remote connectivity communications. Vizocom understands the need of extending coverage to rural areas and filling in gaps in remote locations. Through satellite technology, backhauling voice and data traffic is the key solution for any type of band.

Vizocom helps you in:

  • Providing coverage in areas without terrestrial network reachability
  • Rapidly expand coverage reach with mobile backhaul
  • Scaling the network while your business grows
  • Diversifying your network for more profitability

Vizocom’s Cellular Backhaul Solution

Built specifically to support IP, Vizocom’s network platform integrates with the latest IP base stations from the leading cellular infrastructure manufacturers, possessing unique features that maximize bandwidth efficiency while enabling superior voice quality and high-speed data throughput with shared and dedicated bandwidth.

Vizocom’s network platform provides operators with:

  • Shared and Dedicated bandwidth that can easily be changed for specific business needs
  • Superior voice quality and high-data speeds
  • Bandwidth management for a terrestrial link quality and greater reliability for voice and data services


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