Fixed Satellite Services

Vizocom provides business quality VSAT communication solutions on Ku-Band and C-Band anywhere across the Middle East, Africa, South America and Central Asia. Our VSAT equipment are professionally designed as the ideal network solution that functions as an element of your operation, giving you smooth, efficient and secure connectivity within your agency or enterprise.

Telecommunications providers can rely on Vizocom when it comes to extending their coverage reach with our Mobile backhaul solutions. Businesses can always depend to Vizocom for voice, data and video conversion to digital video broadcast with our Ku-Band and C-Band satellite IP service. Broadband ISPs can also have peace of mind with Vizocom’s Satellite Trunking services which supports IP bandwidth traffic. Vizocom also provides the most sophisticated communication service to various companies operating in remote and hard to reach locations with its Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT service that can propel production and efficiency.

Vizocom specializes in providing VSAT services wherever you choose to conduct your business operations, maintaining assured connectivity for you critical mission needs. These Ku-Band and C-Band VSAT solutions allow any number of people to stay connected, and enables operations at locations where terrestrial-based facilities are deficient.


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