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Vizocom is directly working with Eutelsat in providing communications solutions to media and broadcasting companies. As such, Vizocom eliminates the need for middlemen and thus can provide better pricing with top notch service.

Media broadcasting companies need the most efficient means of transmitting and receiving data for delivering their programs to a global audience. Broadcast media companies are also considering a faster and more efficient method of delivering multiple contents from a single point across large geographic areas. Vizocom's VSAT services opens up new options for transporting video and audio content reliably and seamlessly.

Vizocom's satellite communications have the advantage of rapid deployment, quickly establishing a broadband network virtually anywhere without being affected by damage to cables and physical lines. We provide VSAT services for network television, cable programmers, and news agencies across the globe. We allow journalists to broadcast from any remote location, and our services are ideal for high volume movements of content from the field back to base.

What we can do for you

Full playout systems for major satellite broadcast positions

Vizocom specializes in end to end content management with a suite of production, content and playout distribution services for television and radio broadcasters, news and sports networks, production companies, event and conference organizers, and program producers.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup

Disasters negatively impact productivity of businesses, causing suspension of information transfer and business operations. Vizocom understands these drawbacks and we strategize plans to ensure business continuity even when disasters strike. We maximize the capabilities of our teleports to produce site redundancy, and we are relentless in managing service backup systems.

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Multi-Channel Per Carrier System

Vizocom provides the best solutions when it comes to delivering programs to a specific target region. We offer an efficient Multi-Channel per Carrier System distribution platform which is efficiently to meet Standard and High Definition distribution needs. We offer affordable, cost-efficient MCPC packages spanning strategic areas for a wider market audience.

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Occasional Broadcast Services

Vizocom understands the need of broadcasters that need occasional services for broadcasting of special events. We provide a speedy, direct ad-hoc booking of our transponders to better assist them in their special broadcasts, with seamless connectivity through our vast VSAT services and coverage.

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Teleport Services

Vizocom is able to provide satellite IP communication services through our teleport stations across the globe. Satisfying the needs of every type of customer and industry, our teleports provide worldwide VSAT connectivity.

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