Utility companies rely on Vizocom’s superior Satellite Communications service and coverage for their mission-critical needs as they emergency operations wherever in the world, near or far.

Utility firms do not want to leave its customers in the dark. When outages occur, it is imperative to get power back on as quickly and carefully as possible. Utilities must have a plan to address even the dreariest weather conditions, at the same time informing their customers about outages and when power can be restored. Failure to prepare for these measures can result in customer outrage and dissatisfaction, regulatory backlash, and damaging reports in the media.

Solutions Overview

Vizocom understands these circumstances and offers a wide array of solutions that are tailored to meet essential utility industry demands. Our solutions are based on an analysis of detailed requirements and design process to precisely meet your needs. Vizocom provides services that can ease your utility needs. So if and when issues arise, we are your point of contact 24x7x365. Our various satellite networks support data, voice, video streaming, custom applications, VPN & private networking, and we give you the tools to necessary to operate effectively, efficiently for uninterrupted operations.


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