Vizocom’s provides a wide and superior satellite footprint in Africa, covering and serving most countries except for Morocco. Vizocom’s coverage enables various companies to operate in remote, rugged locations wherein no communications infrastructures are present. Vizocom provides reliable network and communications solutions and services dedicated to various industries in Africa for efficient, productive and smooth business operations with shared or dedicated VSAT internet serviceBGANM2M/SCADA/TrackingVoIP and Equipment Supply Services.

Our VSAT services have reliable, fast connections anywhere across Africa with our superior multiband satellite footprint. Mobile clients can also take their connection across the continent with our mobile satellite internet devices keeping you connected even while travelling, whether it is a data transfer or a video call, our mobile satellite internet covers you.

With Vizocom, productivity and efficiency is the key wherever your location is when executing mission-critical operations. Vizocom ensures that apart from the essential services and solutions we provide, there is a complementary 24/7/365 professional support by our team of expert engineers in our strategically located regional office in Libya for the best experience and deliver quality service.


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