Vizocom has developed a range of programs for companies and individuals interested in joining us in offering global VSAT Services to customers on a global scale. This is part of Vizocom’s effort in gaining a larger share in the VSAT market. We offer partnership opportunities that include options for companies to become resellers and options for companies to be rewarded via referrals. If you have an existing complimentary business and feel that you want to offer satellite-based communications as a complimentary technology to your portfolio, Vizocom is interested in working together with you in distributing satellite solutions worldwide - using Vizocom’s wide range of satellite broadband products and services.

What are the benefits of being a Vizocom Partner?

Vizocom is committed to forging strong relationships with our Partners. We understand that our success depends on the success of our Partner, and we pledge to support our Partners professionally and efficiently to maximize mutual opportunities. Our Business Program is designed to benefit our Partners, helping grow their business, maximize profitability, and increase sales revenue.

What type of partnerships do you have?

PROGRAM 1: Referral Agent

Referral Agents are entities who don’t have sales, installation, or billing resources and who simply wish to be rewarded for regularly referring customers to Vizocom. Referral Agents will refer and introduce new customers to Vizocom, and Vizocom will handle the sales engagement process with the customer.

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PROGRAM 2: Sales Agent

Sales Agents are those ICT professionals/companies who are capable of selling Vizocom’s services to prospective customers and do so with Vizocom’s support and in its name. Sales Agents work under Vizocom’s marketing directions and receive a high sales commission for each paying customer.

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PROGRAM 3: Reseller

Resellers are those ICT professionals/companies who are capable of “reselling” Vizocom’s services to his/her own prospective customers and do so with Vizocom’s support. Resellers receive preferred prices and may or may not buy the equipment from Vizocom. The Reseller is the contracting party to the end user. Vizocom will handle all or part of the tasks such as equipment supply, installation, bandwidth provision, invoicing, as well as ongoing billing and support of the customer and the Reseller will be engaged to ensure optimized delivery of equipment, installation and after-sales support in order to keep the customer happy and continue the service.

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PROGRAM 4: Value Added Reseller

Value Added Resellers sell Vizocom’s products and services to their established customer base. VARs are focused on delivering high quality services and solutions to their customers, and they will resell Vizocom’s equipment and/or services, and will handle installations and support.

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