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Referral Agents

Referral Agents are entities who don’t have sales, installation, or billing resources and who simply wish to be rewarded for regularly referring customers to Vizocom. Referral Agents will refer and introduce new customers to Vizocom, and Vizocom will handle the sales engagement process with the customer.

Sales Agents

Brand your business-class email address with your company name to build name recognition, and market your business with customized marketing materials that are easy to create. Connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing.



Resellers are those ICT professionals/companies who are capable of “reselling” Vizocom’s services to his/her own prospective customers and do so with Vizocom’s support. Resellers receive preferred prices and may or may not buy the equipment from Vizocom. The Reseller is the contracting party to the end user.

Value Added Reseller

Value Added Resellers sell Vizocom’s products and services to their established customer base. VARs are focused on delivering high quality services and solutions to their customers, and they will resell Vizocom’s equipment and/or services, and will handle installations and support.


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