• Satellite Solutions For Enterprises


    Large Companies and NGOs

  • Single Office/Home Office


    Small Office, Rigs and remote operations

  • Solutions For Government Entities


    Solutions for Government Entities

  • Internet Service Provider


    Wholesale to ISPs

  • Content Distribution For Broadcasters & DTH


    Content Distribution for Broadcasters and DTH

How we can help your business

Vizocom offers a wide range of services to meet your rigorous business communication needs.


Internet over Satellite

Vizocom specializes in providing satellite internet connectivity solutions with shared and dedicated bandwidth for optimum connection.

serv fiber

Internet over Fiber

Vizocom is a premium provider of internet services via terrestrial fiber network and microwave links for last mile connectivity.

Voice over IP

Vizocom has expertise in providing Cisco and Asterisk based design, procurement, setup and configuration of IP telephony solutions.


Vizocom provides integrated tracking services ranging from satellite tasking through processing and delivery of detection information.

Video Conferencing

Vizocom designs a cost efficient, top of the line video conferencing technology based on professional video conferencing systems.


Vizocom provides wireless M2M and SCADA data communications. With ability to monitor, manage, send and receive data on assets anywhere.


Vizocom provides Telemedicine solutions to enabled healthcare organizations to extend their services to the remotest locations.

Supply Chain Services

Vizocom supplies every equipment needs. We handle the sourcing, acquisition and procurement of equipment for our clients.

Due to the locations of mines and the nature of mining operations around the world, communication to the outside world and between the personnel involved is difficult. To make the process of mining more efficient and in order to make it more cost effective and easier, communication is a must.

Today we have the means to communicate with anybody, anywhere in the world – all thanks to the technological innovations that have made this possible. Not only has personal communication been made easier since the invention of the telephone, but so has professional communication as well. This has resulted in the possibility of working remotely, regardless of distance.

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