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The Transformational Use of ICT in Africa

INTRODUCTION Information and communication technologies or ICT, have the potential to transform business and government in Africa, driving entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth. The effect of ICTs on the African economy is impressive, but it is the way they are changing the everyday lives of Africans that is genuinely transformational.

5 Key Factors in Designing a Wireless Network for your Business

Wireless networks have become an integral part of any business environment these days, especially due to the increased prominence of all kinds of wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Wireless networks are now ubiquitous because they provide the expected convenience, portability, and flexibility demanded by any serious business today. Another reason you see… Read More »

Critical Communications for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is facing a challenging situation where the scarcity of resources is compelling mining companies to operate in increasingly remote environments. These remote mining sites are usually cut off from telecommunication infrastructures, and in situations where they are available, these telecommunication networks are usually unreliable most of the time.