Why is Vizocom’s Satellite Broadband for Africa a revolution?

    Satellite Internet Access in Africa are expensive and complex to deploy.

    Not all locations are eligible to be installed with Broadband Internet.

    Equipment required to setup satelite internet service costs too much for the performance.

    Minimum Initial Equipment Cost

    Low Bandwidth prices

    Easy “Do It Yourself” Installation

    No additional Ground Infrastructure required

Vizocom’s Coverage in Africa

    3 Satellites is operated in order to cover the entire sub-saharan Africa

    Service is available anywhere within the sattelite coverage without the need to deploy additional grounf Infrastructure.

    Instantaneous client activation

How does it work?

Main Equipment

A 100cm Dish & Modem shall be provided by Vizocom.

Modem Installation

The End-user shall install the modem and connect it to a computer via Ethernet.

User shall use the WebUI of the Modem to utilize the Pointing Assistance tool.

Dish Installation

Using “Point & Play” feature, end-users are able to easily align & determine the proper antenna position.

Assistance Tool confirms end of pointing.

Surf the Internet

Use your favorite web browser to start surfing the web.

Easy IP Satellite Broadband Rates

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