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The Advantages of Choosing C Band VSAT Internet

The Advantages of Choosing C Band VSAT Internet VSAT systems usually operate by frequencies, including Ku-Band, Ka-Band, and C-band. However, commercial networks usually consider C Band VSAT internet. Even though the Ku-Band frequency can range from about 10 to 12 GHz for downlinks and 13.7 to 14.5 GHz for uplinks, the C-Band frequency ranges from… Read More »

3 Revolutionary Ways of Providing Global Internet Coverage

Despite the constant internet penetration, according to a report by UN’s Broadband Commission, 54% of world’s 7.4 billion population still don’t have access to basic internet services. Two third of globe is also still lacking any internet coverage, making it extremely costly and financially unfeasible to provide internet access for some 700 million people living… Read More »

The Role of VSAT in Supporting NGOs during Disasters in Africa (Part 2): Zambia and Cape Verde

This is the second article of the two-part series “The Role of VSAT in Supporting NGOs during Disasters in Africa”. The first article focused on telemedicine projects in Mozambique and Uganda. This article will look at the role of VSAT during disasters in two more African countries: Zambia and Cape Verde.

The Role of VSAT in Supporting NGOs during Disasters in Africa (Part 1): Mozambique and Uganda

Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and storms affect thousands of people in Africa. From the destruction of buildings to the spread of disease, natural disasters can devastate entire countries overnight and seriously disrupt the community with massive human, material, economic and environmental losses. To prevent these losses during disasters, emergency communication systems are critical in… Read More »

Why VSAT is a Good Choice for WAN and Internet Connectivity

If you are following technology news, you probably know of the advances in high speed Internet platforms such as LTE and direct fiber to home technologies.  Older connectivity platforms such as satellite communication thru VSAT may seem old and outdated. However in many countries, VSAT networks are actually very much desired for the advantages they… Read More »

Critical Communications for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is facing a challenging situation where the scarcity of resources is compelling mining companies to operate in increasingly remote environments. These remote mining sites are usually cut off from telecommunication infrastructures, and in situations where they are available, these telecommunication networks are usually unreliable most of the time.

Find the Solution You Need with Satellite Service

Do you frequently lose online connectivity at the most inconvenience times? Do you find yourself without service more often than you have it? Does your business rely on being able to communicate with your customers often? Do you live in a rural area where it’s hard for you to hold video conferences because your internet… Read More »