The Importance of Telemedicine through Satellite in Africa (Part 2): Ghana and Ethiopia

The first article focused on Telemedicine projects in South Africa and Uganda. This article will look at the telemedicine initiatives in two more African countries: Ghana and Ethiopia.

5 Key Factors in Designing a Wireless Network for your Business

Wireless networks have become an integral part of any business environment these days, especially due to the increased prominence of all kinds of wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Wireless networks are now ubiquitous because they provide the expected convenience, portability, and flexibility demanded by any serious business today. Another reason you see… Read More »

VSAT 2.0: The Next Wave of Satellite Innovation

The satellite industry has a very good record of technological innovation, but it is mainly focused on only one aspect, which is maximizing the use of the limited satellite spectrum resource. Satellite spectrum has a significantly higher cost compared to terrestrial bandwidth such as DSL and fiber, and this high cost has driven the evolution… Read More »

The Importance of VSAT Satellite Services to Telemedicine

One of the biggest healthcare issues of many countries today is that the poor level of medical services in rural and remote regions. Rural areas generally have worse medical services compared to urban areas and large cities. This is a big problem especially since the demand for professional medical services and medical aid in rural… Read More »

How Will High Throughput Satellites Impact the Satellite Industry?

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are poised to deliver much higher capacity than traditional satellite services at a mere fraction of the cost. Today, HTS can provide more than 100 GBps of capacity this is more than 100 times the capacity offered by conventional Ku-band satellites. HTS is based on spot beam technology which enables frequency… Read More »

The Future of High Throughput Satellites for Service Providers

Understanding High Throughput Satellites High throughput satellites (HTS) are communications satellites that provide 10 or more times the total throughput of a regular fixed communications satellite for the same amount of allocated spectrum. New high throughput satellites today can provide more than 100 GBps of capacity, which is more than 100 times the capacity offered… Read More »